About us?

Quality advice on systems for legal compliance through by having not only legal knowledge but also experience in organizational matters and process improvement. We understand that only by combining these areas may provide services with practical orientation, aligned with the most widespread in the area of ​​control of legal compliance standards.

At KPMG we have professionals able to handle with ease not only regulatory application blocks in the company, but also the concepts that relate to improving techniques and internal control processes. Our multidisciplinary capability allows us to design highly integrated devices that combine those general or sectoral legal knowledge with specific processes relating to legal control. As a result, the work we develop for years enjoys wide recognition in national and international organizations, having edited several publications in this particular area.

Since this blog does not just want to stay at the forefront of knowledge of regulatory compliance, but also share our thoughts with those people and organizations sensitized to the capital importance today.

What do we do?

We know that each organization has specific needs for compliance, so that the model fits circumstances that are different for each case. Our experience in optimizing the legal and internal compliance function in organizations allows us to gain efficiency, aligning them with international practices most widespread in this area, and consider both the size of the organization, the markets where it operates, as its sector activity.

Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to provide professional collaboration in specific areas of compliance, such as the rules that prevent corruption, protect the privacy or the areas of compliance in regulated markets. Also, the implementation of our clients in different jurisdictions do not limit our advisory capabilities through international network firm KPMG.

Through our services at KPMG and our professional collaboration, we help our clients to:

Identify areas of compliance that affect the organization and risk behaviors associated with each. Based on this analysis we can help complete a map of legal risks and identify processes and positions next to them.
Assist in the establishment of monitoring internal organizational structures in compliance.
Help in designing policies and legal compliance controls as well as internal reporting models used.
Design and deliver internal training on compliance, including specific areas such as the prevention of criminal conduct, the protection of personal data, etc.
Documentation of a management system for compliance aligned with generally accepted principles in this area.

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