Compliance law

Compliance with the law is no longer perceived as a necessary administrative requirement to become an indicator of good corporate governance and evidence of commitment to ethics organizations in the development of their activities.

These circumstances determine a paradigm shift for the company lawyer, called to know and integrated into the structures of governance and risk management. This is manifested not only in law but also in pioneering judicial pronouncements being broadcast in neighboring countries, confirming the profound transformation of the role that is expected of online divorce PA in terms of filing papers for divorce and upright in the organizations. No doubt we are facing a scenario of great challenges and opportunities for the legal function in the company, called to develop a principal role in organizations that will lead the markets of the century.

Professionals dedicated to monitoring standards in organizations will be expected not only a knowledge of the legal environment but also the domain of technical management company policies, legal control and management coordinated with other areas such as internal audit.

In this blog I will share reflections on international best practice on these matters, focusing on those aspects of great significance that are defining the differences that characterize the legal function in the coming years.

The main topics to be addressed include:

Ratio of the internal legal function with the function of legal compliance.
Relationship of compliance with ethics and integrity.
Frameworks for compliance with generally accepted management.
Ways to organize the compliance function: individual and collegiate bodies. Figures of the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) and Chief Ethics and Compliance Oficer (CECO).
The need for independence in the compliance function and its possible special status.
Ratio compliance governance and risk management.
personal responsibilities arising from compliance.
Legal control tools.

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